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Over 30 Years of experience in Microwave Synthesis

A group of dedicated engineers backed with over 50 years of cumulative experience in the field of instrumentation and over 30 years of joint expertize in Microwave Reactor Systems, has developed The First Indian Touchscreen Mircowave Sysnthesis System, THE NuTech Uno, under the brandname of NutechAnalytical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The very first of its kind providing very high precision, full-metallic construction and ease of usability and not to mention the use of premium materials.

The team at NuTech thrives to provide the Best quality of craftsmanship through its products. Rigorous research and testing of each and every part of every single machine in the high-tech labs results in the masterpiece that Nutech has to offer. Our research team has overcome the shortcomings and drawbacks of the other microwave systems available in the market. Our products are in the process of continuous development and upgrade in accordance with the customer's needs...read more


India LabExpo at Hyderabad (21st to 23rd of September 2017)

Join us at India LabExpo at Hyderabad from the 21st to 23rd of September 2017, where we give a detailed demonstration of the most precise and intelligent Microwave Synthesis Reaction Systems till date, the NuWav Uno and the NuWav Pro & the NuWav - Ultra at Stall Number-A-33 in Hall 1. India's First Touchscreen Microwave Reactors / Digester System.

Arablab- The Expo 2017, Dubai (20th to 23rd of March, 2017)

We heartily welcome you to the NuTech Analytical Technologies Pvt.Ltd. stall at Arablab- The Expo 2017, Dubai, 20th to 23rd of March, 2017. The company representatives showcasing the most ingenious and accurate Microwave Reactor Systems. Experience a complete line-up of ahead-of-time Analytical Instruments. Visit the Stand Number-TBA for a personalised demo.

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