Microwave Digestion System

Satisfy the requirements of different samples digestion / Extraction

  • Upto to 12 high- throughput processing capacity (available in 6, 8, 10, 12 vessel capacity carousel)
  • Outer vessel of our digestion system are made of Ultra Strength Composite Fiber is invincible in anti- explosion, corrosion resistant, high temperature and pressure resistant.
  • Inner vessel are made up of TFM which with stand High Temperature & Acid Resistant
  • Every Digestion vessel is placed horizontally in the vessel frame, so the vessel frame has enough strength for balancing vertical expansive forces when the internal pressure rises continuously.
  • Air release valve and blowout membrane are adopted to air release and pressure relief, as eliminates a common problem of similar products that a digestion vessels may leak and fail to digest when air releases and pressure relief relies on the deformation of its roof plate.
  • The blow out membrane on top of the vessel support "piercing" upon over pressure and can release overpressure gas in time, ensure complete safety of the system.
  • Vessel bottom adopts blowout disc overpressure "cutting" technology and realise the quantitative control of internal pressure of all reaction vessels and avoid any further damage.
  • Accurate and Precise Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor and Pt temperature sensor measurement and control trough Closed - loop of microwave power by intelligent, dynamic technique, ensure the accuracy of pressure and temperature monitoring and control.
  • Whole set of Digestion vessel in chamber always and continually rotates in one direction ensure homogeneous heating of all vessels inside the cavity
  • Sturdy and durable industrial grade Stainless Steel (316) chamber design strengthen its impact resistance
  • Multi layer chemical resistance coating inside the cavity improves the service life and safety of the system
  • High Speed Air cooling for rapid cooling of Vessel inside the Cavity

Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz
Installed Microwave Power 1800W
Microwave Chamber
External Construction
Internal Construction

Stainless Steel 316L
52 L, Corrosion Resistant, Industrial Grade 316 Stainless Steel Chamber
Maximum Output Power 1200 W, Non-Pulse continuous automatic variable frequency control with an increment of 1 W
Temperature measurement and control system Platinum (Pt) resistance temperature measurement is adapted for automatic recognition and intelligent control of temperature from 0°C to 300°C.; Precision: +/- 1°C (Threshold Temperature from Ambient to 350°C)
Pressure Measurement and Control System Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, Pressure monitoring range: 0-6 Mpa
Display Large (7'') wide-format, High-Resolution - 800 x 480, Acid-resistant touch screen
Software Versatile software to precisely control and adjust Microwave Power & Temperature to ensure complete digestion of the sample
Pre-loaded Digestion Process Programmes.
User Interface Icon Based GUI. Graphical Output. Real time Status Dsiplay. Easy Setup
Memory 32 GB Inbuilt Memory helps user to store Unlimited Programming
Safety Intelligent Overheat Cut-Off. System cooling malfunctioning warning. Door ajar warning. (with Message and Buzzer).
Carousel Rotation Whole set of Digestion vessels in Chamber always and continually rotates in one direction ensuring homogenous heating of all vessels inside the cavity
Exhaust system of chamber Corrosion-Resistant motor, with Air rate of 3.8 m3/min
Outer Vessel Material Ultra-Strength Composite Fiber, Acid Resistant, can withstand high Pressure
Inner Vessel Material TFM material can withstand high temperature and Pressure: Volume of the vessel is 100ml
Operating Condition 5°C - 60°C, = 80% 10%-90% Humidity, Non-Condensing
Operating Voltage 220/240 V ; 50/60 Hz ; 15 Amp
Dimensions 452 mm x 496 mm x 598 mm (WxDxH)
Net Weight 45 Kgs / +/- Kgs

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