Microwave Digestion System

Satisfy the requirements of different samples digestion / Extraction

  • Upto to 12 high- throughput processing capacity (available in 6, 8, 10, 12 vessel capacity carousel)
  • Outer vessel of our digestion system are made of Ultra Strength Composite Fiber is invincible in anti- explosion, corrosion resistant, high temperature and pressure resistant.
  • Inner vessel are made up of TFM which with stand High Temperature & Acid Resistant
  • Every Digestion vessel is placed horizontally in the vessel frame, so the vessel frame has enough strength for balancing vertical expansive forces when the internal pressure rises continuously.
  • Air release valve and blowout membrane are adopted to air release and pressure relief, as eliminates a common problem of similar products that a digestion vessels may leak and fail to digest when air releases and pressure relief relies on the deformation of its roof plate.
  • The blow out membrane on top of the vessel support "piercing" upon over pressure and can release overpressure gas in time, ensure complete safety of the system.
  • Vessel bottom adopts blowout disc overpressure "cutting" technology and realise the quantitative control of internal pressure of all reaction vessels and avoid any further damage.
  • Accurate and Precise Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor and Pt temperature sensor measurement and control trough Closed - loop of microwave power by intelligent, dynamic technique, ensure the accuracy of pressure and temperature monitoring and control.
  • Whole set of Digestion vessel in chamber always and continually rotates in one direction ensure homogeneous heating of all vessels inside the cavity
  • Sturdy and durable industrial grade Stainless Steel (316) chamber design strengthen its impact resistance
  • Multi layer chemical resistance coating inside the cavity improves the service life and safety of the system
  • High Speed Air cooling for rapid cooling of Vessel inside the Cavity

Power 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 16A (120VAC Optional)
Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz
Installed Power 1800Watt
Maximum Output Power 1000Watt, Non-Pulse Continuous Automatic Variable Frequency Control; 1Watt Increment
Display 7-Inch Acid Resistant Touchscreen; Resolution: 800x480px
Rotor Design Load 12 Closed Digestion Vessels Vertically
Pressure Measurement and Control System Piezoelectric Crystal Pressure Sensor, Pressure Control Range: 0-10MPa (1500 psi); Accuracy: ±0.01MPa
Temperature Measurement and Control System High Precision Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor (Pt100); TEFLON® Encased; Temperature Range: 0°C-300°C; Accuracy: ±1°C ±
Outer Vessel Material Explosion Proof Aerospace Composite Fiber
Inner Vessel Material TEFLON® Acid Resistant and High Temperature Withstanding
Chamber Exhaust System High-Power Anti-Corrosion Brushless Fan; Exhaust Speed: 3.5m3/min
Working Environment Conditions 15-80% RH / 10°C-40°C / Dust-Free Well-Ventilated
Dimensions 450mm X 515mm X 510 mm (L X B X H)
Net Weight 65Kgs
Maximum Pressure 15MPa (2250psi)
Maximum Sustained Temperature 300°C
Maximum Working Temperature 250°C
Inner Vessel Volume 100ml
Outer Vessel Material Aerospace Composite Fiber
Inner Vessel Material TEFLON® (TFM/Modified PTFE)
Maximum Vessel Capacity 12 Vessels

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