Manufacturer of Touch Screen Based Microwave Digestion / Microwave Synthesizer (Synthesis) Systems.

Microwave - Ultrasonic - Ultraviolet Reactor

Model: NuWav- Pro

Microwave - Ultrasonic - Ultraviolet ReactorWith groundbreaking innovations and strong commitment to quality and precision, we have developed a range of Microwave synthesis system to cover any needs in synthesis Chemistry. From polymer synthesis to chemical reaction and materials synthesis to nano-material synthesis, our system will provide a suitable solution.

NuWav-Uno represents a new generation of instruments for organic, medicinal, materials, nano, and polymer chemistry professionals. It is an reliable platform for chemists to make great work. Easy to operate system with inbuilt guided steps for setting up and performing flawless reactions.

NuWav-Uno is a multifunctional Microwave reactor where you can attach Different wavelengths of UV light as well as Ultrasonic Probe or tips of various diameter with variable US power at any time. This system can randomly combine, overlap and regulate microwave energy, ultraviolet light and ultrasonic wave.

Features of NuWav-Pro:

  • Full Metallic Construction for structural strength & rigidity
  • Microwave - Ultrasonic - Ultraviolet ReactorSmall size for convenience
  • New Intelli-System designed for virtually effortless operation
  • Efficient and precise power delivery for optimum results
  • High Resolution Acid-Resistant Wide Format Touchscreen eliminates conventional keyboards
  • Large 7-inch screen with integrated graphical UI eases the procedure from start to finish
  • System provides Pre-Set Modes for the user's ease
  • All vital information such as real-time temperature, stirring speed, reaction graphs are displayed
  • Integrated step-by-step guidance for reactions
  • Conversion of conventional conditions to Microwave reaction parameters is provided by the system
  • Safety/security and overshoot warnings for the user
  • Intelligent Internal Sensors cut-off system functioning for user's safety
  • Microwave - Ultrasonic - Ultraviolet ReactorForced Air-Cooling System with unique exhaust design
  • Dynamic adjustment of Microwave power based on reaction avoids temperature overshoots
  • Non-pulsating and continuous heating controllable in 1watt increments
  • Optimised position of magnetron for low-trajectory Microwave introduction
  • Ultra-Violet Reaction System
  • Ultrasonic Reactor System with various heads
  • System provides the combination or solo usage of UV,US and Microwave
  • High-precision German-Engineered IR temperature sensor
  • Integrated Platinum(Pt) resistance temperature sensor
  • User selectable IR or PT100 sensor for temperature monitoring
  • Temperature sensors provide for a stable temperature hold time
  • Microwave - Ultrasonic - Ultraviolet ReactorHigh power Magnetic Stirrer with adjustable stirring speed
  • Equipped with Reflux System and Vacuum Reaction System
  • Integrated Inert Gas Purging System
  • HD-Camera and External High-Resolution TFT for crystal clear viewing of the process and reaction insidethe chamber
  • Reactions vessels available in Glass and Quartz
  • Vessel capacity ranging from 5ml to 1000ml
  • Wireless HD VIDEO LIVE STREAMING SYSTEM for viewing and recording internal stats(OPTIONAL ACCESSORY)

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